Les Ciels Libres d’Emilie Lemay

A newspaper article by Valentin Cueff published in La Liberté on February 22, 2017:



Entretien avec Émilie Lemay

An interview by Christelle-Dorn Thierry broadcasted live during the radio show L’Actuel of December 27, 2017 on ICI Radio-Canada Première:


The artist mothers group exhibition Like Mother, Like Child at MAWA Mentoring Artists for Women's Art presents collaborations with the artists children. Christelle Dorn-Thierry’s interview with participants Emilie Lemay and Charlotte was broadcasted during the 6 o’clock news on ICI Manitoba:


L’Actuel hosted a roundtable during the 40th anniversary of the Fédération culturelle canadienne-francaise (FCCF), on June 26, 2017. Participants: musician Jim Corcoran, painter Emilie Lemay, Julie Boissonneault; teacher at Université Laurentienne, Alain Chartrand of Coup de cœur francophone, Christine Lavoie; coordinator of the Stratégie de promotion des artistes acadiens sur la scène internationale and Josée Vaillancourt; director of the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (FJCF):


Emilie Lemay presents a solo exhibition, Lueur Éphémère / Ephemeral Glow at La Maison des artistes visuels francophones. This interview by Genevieve Lapalme was broadcasted during the 6 o’clock news of le Téléjournal ICI Manitoba on January 6, 2017:


An opening reception for the exhibition that shows artworks by members of the artist mothers group at MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art) in the Exchange District, in Winnipeg. The art explores the theme Fractured Portrayals of Motherhood. This interview by Genevieve Lapalme was broadcasted during the 6 o’clock news of le Téléjournal ICI Manitoba on May 5, 2018:


The artist mothers group at MAWA presents an art exhibition by 23 of its members exploring the theme Fractured Portrayals of Motherhood. Emilie Lemay is one of the artists presenting their work. An interview by Martine Bordeleau broadcasted live during the radio show L’Actuel of May 5, 2018 on ICI Radio-Canada Première:


L’exposition « Portraits Fracturés de la Maternité » jusqu’au 25 mai au MAWA. An article by Marie Berckvens on the first page of newspaper La Liberté on May 19th, 2018:


As the Days Keep Turning Into Night by Emilie Lemay illustrates the cover of Les Cahiers franco-canadiens de l’Ouest volume 30, number 1. This biannual peer reviewed publication of the Centre d’études franco-canadiennes de l’Ouest (CEFCO) is published by Presses universitaires de Saint-Boniface (PUSB):