My paintings are inspired by whirlwind passages of darkness and light between land and sky. Unstable atmospheres evoke fleeting emotions. These ephemeral moments invite me to embrace the unpredictability of life in order to find a state of grace amidst chaos. My work expresses a profound reverence for nature and the hope that our environment will have a sustainable future. I create ethereal representations of the passage of time.

Every painting starts with experiencing and documenting landscapes focusing on sky movements. Hiking, contemplating, sketching, painting en plein air and taking reference photographs are the first steps. Small scale studies and larger artworks are then completed in the studio or during live painting events in front of an audience.

I explore natural elements that scatter, reflect and refract light rays with pigments of watercolour, acrylic and water soluble oil. This luminous process builds depth of colour gradually. Multiple washes and brushstrokes develop images representing specific places as well as their emotional charge.

Photo: David Lipnowski