I paint landscapes that represent the land and its emotional charge. My artistic practice is based on classic observational studies and my recent work focuses on studies of atmospheric abstractions between land and sky.

Every painting starts with experiencing and documenting the landscape; hiking, contemplating, sketching, painting onsite and taking reference photographs are the first steps. I complete my artworks afterwards in the studio or during live painting events before an audience. Multiple washes and brushstrokes of watercolour, acrylic or water soluble oil paint create luminous, glowing colour and depth.

I am inspired by contrasts of shadows and bright solar variations. These natural elements symbolize hope, weathered storms, visions of light on the horizon, moments of grace and the passage of time. My artworks express a profound reverence for nature as well as hope that our environment will have a sustainable future. May they evoke memories of places you cherish and powerful emotions you experienced in the great outdoors. 

Photo: David Lipnowski